Kira☆Kira 5th Anniversary Live Anime: Kick Start Generation

キラ☆キラ 5th Anniversary Live Anime KICK START GENERATION!

Airing:  Dec 26, 2012

Genre: ~Rock N’ Roll~ slice of life

Yeah betches! curtain call is back and oh what’s this?  we’ll get to see an OVA out of Kira☆Kira… OH YEAH~! Overdrive’s the MAN

Anyways, the story’s about a 12th-grade working student named Shikanosuke Maejima and hellz life for him’s all fucked up since he had to quit tennis training due to his health problem and his bitchy GF just turned him down( guess that’s the whole summary of his life lol)…

Then blablabla, he got mixed up with some shitty event, met a chick called Kirari and ended up joining a rock band club( former 2nd literature club)

So yeah, Maejima will also meet the other 3 chicks and trololol,   Romantic adventure of music begins.

NOW  THE OVA (continuation of Kirakira pt. 2)

Based on the visual novel by Overdrive. 

The what-if story reunites the Second Literature Club Band members Kirari, Chie, Shikanosuke, and Sarina, several months after the concert in the d2b vs Deardrops ~Cross the Future~ fan disk.

Source:   Kira☆Kira OVA



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